March 2014 Members’ Update

spring is here, sing your heart out!March dates to note:

  • The 2nd March rehearsal is for LADIES only and the 9th March rehearsal is for MEN only.
  • The Craigholme School Music Competition Finals will be on Wed 12th March at 7.00 pm
  • The choir (and friends) are very welcome to participate in the Stainer Crucifixion on the 29th March in Bothwell Parish Church -rehearsal from 2, performance at 5pm.

In response to requests from members, some new pages have been created on the website. If you look in the members’ information pages of the website you will now find the following:

This last page links to 2 more pages:

  • current links‘ which will contain the links (and draft programmes) relevant to music for any concerts for which we are preparing . We hope to create our own Mp3 files for pieces we cannot source online and these will be hosted on this page too.
  • previous links‘ which will be an archive of the links we have used before, but are not using now.

It is hoped that these pages will make it easier for members to find the links and programme information they need. Each of these pages will be updated as new information is available. As such pages are ‘fixed pages’ rather than the ‘posts’ of our ‘update pages’ they cannot be linked to our social media feeds (Facebook and Twitter) and so members are asked to check the new pages for information periodically, as the information will not come through in other ways to you.

However, the ‘members’ updates’ will still be issued and key items that have been added to the new pages will be highlighted through these updates (which will reach Facebook and Twitter at their first posting). Please note, that as before the monthly updates may be further modified as we go through each month in response to new information.