February 2014 Members’ Update


After a lovely get together despite the rain earlier in the month, the glimpses of sunshine and the enthusiasm of the birds are surely spurring us on to prepare for our summer concert.

We are rehearsing each week in February. You can download here the Spring Concert 2014 Draft Programme.

If you can, please take a look at home at the link below for the Mermaid. We are struggling to find web-versions of some of the other pieces just now. If you can find the right versions on youtube or other mp3 links, please email through our contacts page (special mention in the updates page if you do!). If we can’t find any, we may look at recording some at our rehearsals.

If you haven’t already noticed the new addition to the website, please do take a look at the calendar where our dates can be seen at a glance or for each month.

Ladies, please remember to check out the skirts being sold by New Look, or this one from Wallis, or from Simply Be or Marisota. (The last two links also stock plus sizes.)