taster sessions

Any member who has a friend or family member who would like to know more of the choir is very welcome to bring them to any rehearsal for a ‘taster session’.

The committee would suggest that members would be best to pick a rehearsal that is not in the final run-up to a concert (i.e. avoid the last 2 before a concert) and one that is for all sections (i.e. avoid rehearsals that are men or ladies only rehearsals).

Please introduce your guest to your section steward on the night. Until your guest decides to join, please hand back any music they used on the night they attend.

Likewise, anyone who is not a member and would like to try us out is very welcome to come along for one or more sessions to try us out. The choir calendar will help you find a rehearsal date. As above, it is probably best to avoid rehearsals that are very close to a concert. The section stewards are always looking out for new faces, but if they don’t spot you, please do introduce yourself to the relevant section steward or the musical director. You are welcome to share or borrow music when you come along, but please given it back at the end of the night.