January 2014 Pre-concert members’ update

Friday 24 January – Concert with St. Andrew’s School, Buenos Aires

  • Food donations: would those members who have kindly offered to supply food for the visitors please bring it to the Church Centre at 4.30pm on Friday 24th. Please note we will not be able to take donations before then, but need them ahead of the children arriving at 5.00. Thanks very much for your help with this.
  • Arrival time: Members should arrive for the concert no earlier than 6.40pm and go direct to the Church.
  • Changing: Members should arrive at the venue dressed for performance as there will be no changing facilities. Coats etc. will be kept on our seats in the Church. As space is very limited within the Church pews it is advised you do not bring an excess of bags, etc.
  • Dress code for Friday is DJs and black bow ties for men and purple gowns for ladies. Those ladies who do not have purple gowns should wear all black with long sleeves and long skirts or trousers. Please also note the general guidance on dress code and concert etiquette.
  • Parking: please note that as the Church Centre is always very busy on a Friday evening, there will be no parking facilities within the car park. Members are asked to park in the streets in the surrounding area (e.g. Station Road) and to car share where possible.
  • Costs for audience: entry at the door is £5.00 and £3.00 for under 14. We are hoping that there will be good support for this concert so as to give a warm welcome to our guests.
  • Music: Non Nobis Domine, Put Peace In to Each Other’s’ Hands, Scots Wha Hae. Please have these in your choir folders in this order. Please also see the home rehearsal links from the earlier update
  • Running order: we will take up our seating places at 6.40 in our rows in the left hand church pews closest to the pulpit ( back row in the seats nearest the chancel, then row by row with the front row seated furthest away). Just before the concert begins, we will move to our standing positions from the left side of each row (i.e. not the side next to the podium) and then sing the first two pieces, before returning in rows to our seats (front row first -soprano side leading). The final piece will be sung at the end of the concert.
  • Sunday following concert: there will be no rehearsal on Sunday 26th January. Please see the other update for additional diary dates.