January 2014 Members’ Update 2

Upcoming dates:

  • Sunday 19th January
    • next rehearsal: pieces Non Nobis Domine, Scots Wha Hae, Put peace into each other’s hands.
    • date to record 1) ability to provide food on the 24th, 2) friends and family attending on 1st Feb and 3) raffle donations for 1st Feb
    • Choir Gowns – ladies with a new black gown are requested to bring it back on the 19th (labelled with your name on paper pinned to the gown) so that shoulders can be re-measured and the gown taken for adjustment.
  • Friday 24th January
    • concert at 7 pm (choir arrival time TBC, please check later for more news).
    • the children from St Andrew’s School are arriving at 5pm. They won’t have eaten and are singing with us at 7pm. We need your help to ensure they feel welcomed by the Bothwell community. Donations of sandwiches, cakes etc are needed. We can access the Church cafe from 4.30 that day, so it would be very much appreciated if donations could be brought to the Church Centre cafe at 4.30pm just ahead of the children’s arrival. Please don’t come early as the cafe staff will not be able to receive goods on our behalf.
  • Saturday 1st February: we anticipate having a social event with supper, a quiz and raffle. The cost per person will be announced on the 19th. Members are asked to indicate their interest to attend on the 19th (and how many friends and family would come too). If you can’t make the 19th, please email through the contact us section of the website. We are also looking to members to help provide raffle prizes  (those unwanted Christmas gifts or the wine, you now can’t drink after your New Year’s resolution, might have a good home after all).

Other dates for the diary

  • No rehearsal on the following Sundays:
    • Sunday 26th January (following Friday concert)
    • Sunday 9th February (school half term)
    • Sunday 20th April (Easter)
    • Sunday 4th May (May holiday weekend)
  • There is a rehearsal on Sunday 25th May because of the proximity to the spring concert
  • Spring Concert Friday 30th May (St Bride’s Church)
  • AGM Sunday 1st June

Home Rehearsal links

Put Peace into each other’s hands (organ version -can’t find a bearable choir one!)

Non Nobis Domine

Scots Wha Hae (though not using Noo and ‘our and slower than us)

If the way be full of trial, weary not (but I think this is a different arrangement)