Session 2016-17 is starting!

Celebrate the new season!The long wait is over!

No we know there aren’t many of you returning to school…though perhaps you can now wave younger family (who have being eating you out of house and home over the summer) a fond farewell and return to some normality.

It is only 6 more sleeps until we can catch up with choir friends and swap summer flirtations with French, Spanish and Italian for a crash course in our choir language (‘laud not lord’ and lots of other rules that are mostly about no sounding of consonants in the middle of words, but lots of sounding of consonants at the beginning and end of words.)

Hoping to see you all re-tuned and raring to go on Sunday 28th August at 7.00 pm with the following in your folders:

  • Holy City
  • Mansions of the Lord
  • Wonderful world
  • Will Ye no Come Back Again.

Committee members, please note, we hope to see you at 6.15 pm.