‘4 Sings’ to go!

countdownAfter our week off and the Easter break, some of us may be counting sleeps to the next holiday , but can you believe it is only ‘4 sings’ until the next concert!

Treat the panic by checking out as many of the ‘current links‘ as possible before our next rehearsal on Sunday 27th April.

Please remember that on the 27th, from 7-7.45 it is LADIES ONLY, with ALL MEMBERS thereafter.

LADIES – please also note that we have arranged a FINAL (very final!) visit of the seamstress on Sunday 27th April. No measurements or adjustments can be taken after then. It would a great pity for anyone to miss out on the performance through not having a gown. Please send word through the ‘contact us‘ section by Saturday 26th if things are not already in order for your gown to be ready for the May concert and you cannot attend on Sunday 27th.