Members’ Update: December 2013

Jingle bells
Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle bells ring.
Have you done your homework? Are you ready to sing?

We are well on the way to a spectacular Christmas Concert. We are hoping that all our preparation will ensure our audience can’t wait to say to their friends ‘have you heard the sound of the Bothwell voices, ringing out so sweetly, ringing out so clear‘.

There is NO group rehearsal on the 15th December, but ladies still to be measured for gowns should attend the usual rehearsal venue at 7 pm for about half an hour.

There IS a group rehearsal on Tuesday 17th December at 7 pm in Bothwell Parish Church.

Home rehearsal links can be found on the Autumn rehearsal notes page. 28 visits were made to this page in the week commencing 9th December. Please do help to increase this number and boost your singing confidence. If you are new to the choir, please also visit the choir dress code page.

The new choir gowns are unlikely to be ready for all choir members in time for the concert on the 19th. We expect to have enough to allow there to be an even distribution of black gowns amongst the purple gowns in the back rows of the choir. At the time of writing, ladies in the front row should expect to be wearing the purple gown. (This post will be updated if there is any later change). Please note that the black tops underneath should be sleeveless (and worn with black undergarments). Ladies still seeking a suitable top should check out the links on this page. Also, ladies wearing the black gown should, where possible, wear a long black skirt rather than trousers, due to the sheer nature of the material.

On the 19th December itself we will meet at 3.30 pm and rehearse till 5 pm in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (G2 3DB). Doors will open at 7.00 pm. Please make a note in your folder of your row and seat number from the  choir seating plan to make lining up on the night easier.

Bus arrangements: The choir bus will leave from outside the Bothwell Doctors’ Surgery at 2.45 pm prompt. The fans and family bus will leave from St Brides Pastoral Centre Fallside Road, Bothwell G71 8BA at 6.30 pm prompt.

Choir Rehearsals will resume in the New Year on the 12th of January.