March 2013: Members’ Update

Music at Easter Sunday March 24th: Please note that (due to the lack of availability of both our pianist and an increasing number of members who have been in touch since Sunday 17th), it will NOT be possible to have a further rehearsal on Thursday 21st.

On Sunday 24th March we will meet at 6 pm, in the Church Halls, before the concert. Dress code for ladies is black full length dress, skirt or trousers, with a black full length or 3/4 length sleeved top. For gentlemen, it is evening dress (dinner suit) and black bow tie.

The revised programme can be found here. Members can aid their rehearsal at home with examples of music for this and other concerts, which can be found here.

Other Rehearsals:As per previously intimated in the January Update, there will be NO rehearsals on the 31st March (Easter Sunday) or the 7th April.

Concerts: We are preparing for a spectacular ‘Evening of Sacred Music’ on 24th March and the next few rehearsals are critical.

We continue to work on material for the Concert for Christian Aid on 23rd April.

We are also looking forward to our Annual Spring Concert on Friday 31st May (note extra rehearsals on 28th and 30th May) and the programme can be found here.

Trip: Arrangements for the October 2013 Choir Trip to Malta are now fully underway, but if you have not managed to book already and wish to come, we can enquire if additional names can be added to the travel group. Please email Mark as soon as possible if you wish this.