February 2013: update for members

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Sunday 3rd February:  It is really important that all members attend the rehearsal on the 3rd, as we need to have our new seating finalised. This will also be the last full choir rehearsal before the concert on the 21st February. In addition, we hope to give some information regarding the Malta trip.

Music for your folder:  In addition to the items for the March concert, please bring to the rehearsal on the 3rd Feb-

            • ‘Pacem’
            • ‘Wherever You Are’
            • ‘Look at the World’
            • Mozart ‘Ave Verum’

Sunday 10th February:  This rehearsal is a ‘note bashing session’ for any choir member who would like to have their part consolidated. Choir members who are secure musically and comfortable with the French and Latin are excused from this rehearsal, though most members attending on the 3rd have said they are coming!

Sunday 17th February: Change of plan intimated after rehearsal on 3rd- in response to popular request it has been decided to hold a rehearsal on the 17th after all.

Thursday 21st February Concert: Meet at Bellshill West Church at 6pm to have seating arranged. (Concert begins at 7pm. Tickets priced £5.00 available at the door.) Please click here for the Music List.

24th March Concert: The Music List for the 24th March is now also available.

Malta Trip: we discussed costs for this on the 3rd but these have now changed dramatically. New arrangements have now been confirmed. Please see our additional post on the Malta arrangements

Please also note that this update is additional to the information about plans for the year already given in the January update: