the 100 club

Our 100 club is an easy way of helping the Choir supplement its funds and fulfill its charitable commitments.  Members have already raised thousands of pounds. It is a good way of keeping the annual fees at a reasonable level, yet provides those participating a chance to get something back in prize money.

Each member pays £2.00 per month for one number to have a chance of winning prizes, currently £25.00, £10.00 and £10.00 each month; these amounts are doubled in the December draw.

You can have as many numbers as you wish at an annual cost of £24.00 each.  This subscription is due in August and can be paid in cash, by cheque or by monthly or annual standing order.  A Standing Order mandate for your bank is available from Frances Slater, 100 Club Organiser.

If you wish to become a new 100 Club member, please complete the slip downloadable here and return to Frances Slater.

The 100 Club is not restricted to Choir members and relatives and friends of Choir members are very welcome to participate.  Please download additional forms if required.

There are also other ways that members and friends can choose to support the Choir. Why not sponsor one of our Carols or other musical items in our programmes? Find out more here